Concept and realisation: Norbert Neumann ©2008-2011; homepage:timesqueezer.de 
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To start a clock, please use either

This window will automatically closes with clock starting.

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Timesqueezer is a multifunctional game clocks browser application.
It is designed for games like chess and go.

The version state is: 4.2.0

Button description
Setup - Opens a dialog for clocks settings.
Start - Opens 'start game' window.
Set - Halts one and start the opposite clock, alternatively to set keys.
Pause - Toggles between game and pause mode alternatively to spacebar.
Reset - Resets clocks to start status.
Help - Quickhelp can be started anytime.
Close window with click on 'X' in the upper right corner.
For the German version please click here.
 Clocks setup
Japanese byoyomi
Canadian byoyomi
Fischer Timing
Bronstein Timing
Absolute Timing
Player left-hand side
: : [h:min:sec:]
Equal time for both players

Player right-hand side
: : [h:min:sec:]
Number of periods  

Time credit per period
Number of stones  

Time credit for the number of stones
Time credit per move
: : [h:min:sec:]
No extra time
No time system selected
Output options

Show progressbar
Show timeout
Audio output
Valid keys

 Left-hand side
 Right-hand side